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What is a commitment?

A commitment helps the church to understand what kinds of gifts to expect and when to expect them. By completing this card you allow the church to move forward with a thoughtful, wise financial plan.

What if my circumstances change after I commit?

A commitment card is a statement of intent, not a contract. If your financial circumstances change, your giving should also change. Simply contact the church to adjust your commitment - letting the church know about the change (increase, decrease, or timing) in your giving.

Is my commitment confidential?

Absolutely, only our financial services staff have knowledge of commitments and giving records.

Can I give something other than cash?

Yes, you can. Giving stocks, bonds, or other appreciated assets is acceptable. You are encouraged to ask your financial advisor what will be best for you.

Exalt Commitment Card
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Thank you for commiting to the Exalt Campaign!

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